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Subject [Basic] I had the pleasure of working with Tara, Date 2024.02.05 13:45
Writer Robyn from Canada hit 133

“After deciding I wanted to look into teaching English in Korea, I had the pleasure of working with Tara, who helped me find a school that was a great fit for me. After reaching out to Tara, she had an incredibly kind and positive attitude, and she was quick to help me start my process. Tara communicated with me efficiently about any questions or concerns I had, and made me feel more at ease about anything I was unsure of.

As getting a visa to work in another country was quite foreign to me, Tara made sure to clearly explain the process, and help me step by step. Through Tara, I was able to come in contact with a school that seems to be a great fit for me, and I am extremely excited to start working there.

Thanks a lot Tara!

  • Robyn :)”
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