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제목 [기본] Full time positions in Jeonju area- 등록일 2020.02.24 09:26
글쓴이 March 9th, end of April 조회 89

Job detai:Reputalble  English academy in Jeonju

Area website:


salary: 2.1M-2.3M


Working target : Kinder and elementary students

Working hours : 9:50am- 6:10pm

Airfare to Korea will be paid or return ticket to home.

Housing : very clean and new fully furnished one single room, 10 mins distance

          From the school

Severance pay : one month pay bonus at the end of the contract

Paid vacation : 10 days

Medical  insuarance : yes

Starting date : March 9th - 1 position,  May- 3 positions.